How Would You Like To Start Your Own Contracting Business In Just 7 Days?

Everything You Need To Know To Go From Employee To Boss And Get Your First Paying Customer
This is for tradespeople who are looking to fire their boss and start their own contracting business
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In Just 7 Days You Will Learn:

Day 1
Success Mindset
What sets successful people apart? It's how they think. I will teach you how to adapt a success mindset.
Pave a path to success by setting goals. Every successful business is run by goals.
Take off your safety harness and conquer your fears.
A solid house is built on solid foundation; a solid business is built on a solid purpose.
The power of environment. What's holding you back?
Day 2
The Foundations
Just like scoping out a jobsite, you have to research your business.
Understanding your target market. It's like making sure you're using a hammer for a nail, and not a drill.
Registering your business. (Solo proprietorship, LLC, Limited, what should I choose?)
Where to get a license. Some provinces and states require a license to do business.
Day 3
Getting Customers
Create a highly converting website that customers can't say no to.
Learn how to create professional social media posts to attract customers organically.
Turn your Facebook­™ business page into a customer acquiring machine.
Maximizing your Google My Business page to start getting free, organic leads. 
Learn all the classic methods to getting leads 
Day 4
Know Your Numbers
What accounting software should I use?
How to file and pay taxes.
What can I write off as a business expense?
How to read an income statement. Knowing your numbers is like knowing how much power is left in the drill battery. It's important!
Why you should have multiple bank accounts for you business.
How to get capital. Sometimes we need some money to get started. I can show you the simplest ways to get capital.
Day 5
Creating a change order. Customers can be indecisive, don't let it cost you.
Creating Contracts. Have all your terms laid out to make sure you and your customer are on the same page.
 Why BBB is outdated and not necessary.
The easiest way to pay employees, collect income tax from them, and making sure the government gets it cut.
How to hire and keep A-player employees so you can grow a successful business.
Day 6
Setting Yourself Apart
Creating a differentiating brand. How do you stand out from the competition and attract their customers?
Basic copywriting. Using the right words on your website and ads to get maximum conversions.
 Creating a logo. Should I do it myself, or hire a professional?
Branding your business, why it's important. For example: If you use yellow tools, what brand are you using?
Day 7
Google Ads
Understanding the platform and different terms.
What are keywords and why are they important?
Setting your budget. Know what you should be spending on ads and what makes a successful ad campaign.
Understand what keywords are and which ones are best to use.
Launching your first ad.
 Monitoring your ad for optimal ROAS(Return On Ad Spend).

Hi, My Name is Stephen Shaw. 

I am a Landscaping and Renovations Contractor. 

I started my contracting business in 2013 with nothing but my truck and a trailer I borrowed from my Dad.

I knew nothing about running a business and it cost me a lot of money.

I almost went bankrupt

But I was able to turn things around for myself and became a highly profitable contractor.

I still run my own contracting business, but now I want to help others so they can get off on the right foot.

This is why I created this course. 

This Is a Pre-Launch Offer

Right now you have an opportunity to be an apprentice of the Contractor Mastery online course and receive a 78% discount as well as have the course fitted to your specific questions and needs. You will also get access to all future content and upgrades. The official course launch date will be on August 15th, 2022. Enroll now to get this limited-time discount!

Who is this for?

You're a trades person who is ready to tell your boss where they can stick it and start your entrepreneurial journey and become a boss contractor.
You're a trades person who feels stuck where you're at and feels like you deserve more out of life. 
You're a trades person who wants to make more money and have more freedom. To take off time whenever you like, to be able to charge your worth.
You're a trades person who isn't lazy and doesn't mind hard work. This program will only work if you do. Procrastination is the ultimate killer of dreams.

Who is this NOT for?

You are afraid to take risks. Starting a business is risky, if you're not comfortable to take a risk to achieve your dreams, then this isn't for you.
This isn't for people who complain a lot. People who complain a lot tend to had a negative mindset and a negative mindset will get you no where. We don't want that kind of negativity in our community.
This isn't for people who do not take action. You can take all the courses you want, do all the research you want, but if you don't take action you not succeed. And we want to see people succeed in this course. 

Get Customers On Demand

I'm going to share with you EXACTLY how I'm able to get customers on demand and with predictably and NEVER have to worry about a shortage of work.

Make More Money

Everyone knows the boss makes the most money, is always driving new vehicles and buying expensive toys. Why not that be you?

Imagine The Freedom...

Imagine having the freedom to take time off in the middle of the day to catch up with an old friend or to take Friday off and make yourself a long weekend, or just take time off whenever you like, you don't have to ask anyone for permission. 

You Will Also Get Access To:

  • Private Facebook Group: You will be part of a group of people all on the same journey as you, allowing you to connect with others, asks questions, share success stories, and to stay motivated!
  • Live Weekly Q & As: Stephen will personally be going live every Wednesday to answer any questions you might have and to help troubleshoot any problems you might be running into when trying to get setup.

Space is limited! I'm only accepting 100 students into the pre-launch, once those seats are filled I will be closing the doors and the price will go up to $397 with the official course launch. 

If you are not completely satisfied with the course, you can get a refund within 7 days of the course launch.

free bonuses

I'm also going to give you all the tools I have inquired over the years that have helped me become highly profitable!

 Maximum Profits Calculator - This tool will tell you exactly what your profit margin needs to be in order to cover your overhead and make a profit. 
 Breakeven Calculator - With this you tool will know exactly what you need to make in order to breakeven, down to the day, week, month or even year. 
 Hourly Charge Out Rate Calculator - Know exactly what you need to be charging per hour, including paying employees and owners salary. 
 Pricing By Sqft and Linear Foot Calculator - Some jobs are just easier to price by square foot and linear foot, This calculator will help you figure that out.
 Job Estimate Template - This tool will help make estimating easier, and more accurate. You just punch in the materials list, the amount of hours it's going to take to do the job and it will spit out a number for what you should charge. 
 Back Costing Calculator - One thing you need to make sure of, is if the jobs you're quoting are actually profitable. With this tool and will tell you exactly how much profit you made or didn't make on a job, so you know you're quoting accurately. 

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